Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Programs I downloaded

I downloaded Hypercam 2 today.  Its free screen capture software.  I also downloaded the Camtasia demo a few days ago but I never used it.  I think Camtasia is way out of my price range.  I plan to down the Sony Vegas demo later on today.  I currently am using camstudio.  Hopefully the Hypercam/ Sony Vegas combo will yield a better quality of tutorials.  There is no way to adjust the volume of my mic input and my views have complaint that the volume is to low in my first tutorial.  Based on the listed feature set,  I think you get much value with Sony Vegas/ Hypercam.  I also downloaded the FL Studio 10 demo.  I've been wanting to play with that for a while!!!  I used Blender 3D to make 3D videos maybe I can now make my own music.

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